Gun Control

Episode 2 – Gun Control, Gambling & Gripes!

Welcome back to the Common Heathens podcast! As you can likely hear, we are still ironing out kinks with our audio – neither Donovan nor I have any background whatsoever in audio editing, at all, so if you have suggestions, criticism or tips, we would be ecstatic to hear them. Please, feel free to leave us comments on how we can do better.

In this episode, Donovan and I talk about the recent gun violence in the U.S.A. We also touch on a few pet peeves we experience as outspoken atheists on the internet as well as the impact the internet is having on atheism’s numbers.

We answer questions from the following people:


Here’s the episode:

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  • cerfcanuck .

    One thing the stood out for me about your podcast was the fact that if you listened to either the left or right channel by itself, the voice on the other channel was almost inaudible. When I’m walking, I often listen to podcasts through one earphone, leaving the other one dangling; this allows me to hear cars, cyclists, or pedestrians approaching from behind. This usually works okay, since most podcasts don’t have extreme stereo separation. I can’t claim any particular expertise in audio editing but I have played around with the free open-source Audacity editor in the past. Google’ing on “audacity reduce stereo separation” came up with some results that may be of use to you.

    • MrOzAtheist

      Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, this was my fault. Not sure what happened but when I listen in Audacity on my laptop it sounds fine (even when I listen to the MP3 it sounds fine to me). However once it’s uploaded I’m in one ear and GM is in another. Funny, this wasn’t the case in episode one! Anyway…GM’s husband is a ‘sound guy’ and he’s sent me through instructions on how to avoid this next time. So episode 3 should be all good! We discussed fixing it for ep 2, but it was already out in public and we decided not to mess with the URLs that people had already seen and were using 🙂