Merry Christmas Heathens!

Atheist Podcast Episode 7 – Santa, Christmas and Nothing To Do With Islam!

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This episode was live on YouTube and though we did experience some technical difficulties at first, it was a lot of fun and a great success. Many thanks to those who tuned in and chatted with us. During the episode we had a chat about Santa, Christmas and we also talked about being critical of Islam and whether or not it’s a bigoted thing to do.

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Here is the episode:

  • Jordan

    Admittedly, I’m struggling to get my thoughts straight on this; however, I enjoy your podcast and I thought I’d weigh in.

    It seems that you’re making the case that feminism (as you’ve defined it) is obsolete, insofar as the oppression of women has been dealt with via laws, social evolution, etc.

    I heard the term “egalitarian” used in its place.

    As I understand it, feminism actually IS an egalitarian philosophy/perspective/worldview, merely focusing on the systemic devaluation of a particular group (e.g. women [“devaluation” at least in terms of sociopolitical power or influence, as women have been seen for millennia as “valued” for procreation, housekeeping, whatever]).

    The bulk of this episode, as I heard it, argued that we should be able to criticize any argument/religion/philosophy without being accused of criticizing the people themselves, and it struck me as ironic that you two did exactly the opposite when characterizing feminism; I heard nothing but personal testimonies about what each of you “feels” feminism has become, as though every feminist is in lockstep. There is even a portion of the episode that went so far as to suggest that men have a harder time today than they did when “feminism was actually necessary”.

    To be clear, I like what you guys are doing and I enjoy your discussions, I just think that bit about feminism went a little off the rails… it reminded me of what someone arguing for “all lives matter” might say.

    As I understand it, feminism deals with systemic issues, and I understand the trouble of figuring out when the “problem” has been officially solved: once it’s solved and you’ve spent your whole life fighting it, what do you do now? Well, most people just keep reinventing the problem or find another way to say that it’s not solved yet (the old joke in the philosophy dept. was “the only difference between a math class and a philosophy class is that a math class has a garbage bin”). If that was your point, perhaps we can speak further, but as of now I really don’t think the problem/issue/semantic pleasantry has been resolved, so until I hear back I plan to continue identifying as a feminist.


  • SkepticPamela

    On the podcast you mention that we should check out Oz’s calendar. However you don’t provide enough information for me to find that. Can you put a link in the show notes or give more information on your next podcast? Thank you.