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We are Godless Mom and Mr. Oz Atheist, aka, Courtney and Donovan. We’re world’s apart – Donovan in Australia and Courtney in Canada – but we’re both a part of the mighty British Commonwealth, and that makes us Common Heathens.

Common Heathens is a podcast that deals with everything to do with atheism, religion and skepticism. We are beginning with one episode per month. If you like what we do, and you want to see us be able to do more, please consider becoming our Patron. Click here.

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Donovan aka Mr. Oz Atheist
Donovan aka Mr. Oz Atheist

Donovan has been @MrOzAtheist on Twitter for five years. He’s known for his calm approach to online debate, and his reasoned arguments. Often described as a gentle giant, it’s pretty hard to piss this guy off. He’s a die-hard fan of the Collingwood Magpies Football Club, and He hails from Melbourne. He’s had the pleasure of attending atheist events there where he’s met Matt Dillahunty and Aron Ra. His biggest claim to fame, though, is that Mr. Ricky Gervais follows him on Twitter!

You can find Donovan on Twitter most days. Follow him: @MrOzAtheist
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Courtney aka Godless Mom
Courtney aka Godless Mom

Courtney’s been blogging as Godless Mom since 2014. A prolific writer, no one can seem to shut her up. Almost daily, she publishes relevant criticism of religion, the atheist community and whatever else seems to pique her interest. Sadly, she is a Cleveland Browns fan, and for that we can most definitely pity her. Especially since she’s never set foot in Cleveland before in her life, and lives in the deep forest somewhere in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. Once a resident of the Big Shitty, she moved to a small town in 2014, and never looked back. She can often be heard laughing at you when you complain about traffic.

Courtney devoted much of her time and energy to raising awareness for an ex-Muslim in Nigeria who had found himself locked up for his apostasy, during a period in 2014. Her efforts brought recognition to her name, and that of Mubarak Bala, who is now a free ex-Muslim in Nigeria.

You can chat with Courtney on Twitter almost any day. Follow her: @godless_mom
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